Our strengths lie in...

Our team have power throughout the development process, were able to understand how the vision would succeed at stores. Join in the entire rebranding process, as well as all of the specific packaging choices to make the new look reflects the vision of the brand. Committed to our clients' success every step of the way, empowering them with the knowledge, tools and technology to turn original ideas into finished products.

Product Development

  • Market trends investigation
  • Top sale products analysis
  • Focus on what’s the next in the beauty

From creation to delivery

  • Package Development & Sourcing

    Package Development & Sourcing

    • Package proposal and recommendation
    • Sourcing the related manufactures in China
  • Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing

    Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing

    • Integration the resources of suppliers, manufacturers in China
    • Balance the supply chain costs
  • Distribution and Logistics

    Distribution and Logistics

    • Export declaration and related work
    • Assist in applying for import and export licenses
  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    • Implement inspection of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products.
    • Monitoring the packaging and the whole production process

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